Sunday, August 23, 2009

Something new

So school starts tomorrow for my youngest, which means it's now my turn to get going. First off the dreaded exercise that we all hate at first but learn to love once we get into routine. I will be starting off slow with just dog walking and my cheap but workable virtual yoga Cd's I picked up from McDonald's about 5 years ago. Then once the exercise is started it's time to get my brain in focus to start that cookbook that I have been working on. (FOREVER) This cookbook will be a dedication to my children with a strong emphasis on their future spouses. I regress a bit. Lets see, well have you ever gotten married to the love of your life and you want desperately to cook him his favorite meals (you know the ones he grew up on that only his Mom or Father can make?) well then you figure a nice chat with the in laws will bring fourth this plethora of culinary wisdom? Not always the case I found out. Now I personally had a lovely relationship with my in laws who would always give me the right recipe when I asked-right meaning sometimes you ask your mother in law for that special recipe and though she writes it down, funny how when you cook it it seems to be just a tad OFF! well over the years this is what I have heard from many friends so I thought I would put a stop to this chain of frustration (if for my kids only) and create ALL my kids favorites with photo demonstrations so that their future spouses will never have to think they can not conquer their loves family secrets in the kitchen. So I guess I should let you know this book has a little more than how to make Roberts favorite Calzones or Johnee's favorite Bento box. I have been cooking since I had an easy bake oven and I find that I am most passionate when I am in the kitchen. I ran a bakery, small catering company and dabled in food styling and have been cooking and baking for my family and friends for 40 plus years. From every childhood friendship too every chance meeting I have gleaned recipes and food knowledge. Now it's time to put it all down in a book while my mind still allows it. This is my first blog and I can't imagine it is of anyones interest but with that said It will be my tool for accountability to keep me on track this year to finish this book.

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