Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The arrival of every new season brings with it change. When I was young, I used to think God created the seasons because each of us was unique and in with that came the craving of a certain season, the season that makes us feel alive. That has not changed much in my daily theory of life. If you ask someone what their favorite season is, they will likely pop right up and say "Spring", "Autumn", "Winter" or "Summer". And of course, there are a few that will say every season is their favorite simply because they love change. For some, the mere mention of their favorite season will conjure up memories of a favorite pastime specifically related to that season. Personally, I love how food comes to mind 90% of the time. I read once that the sense of taste is the one that stays "alive" the longest in our memory. Whether this is accurate or not for the masses, I have personally found it to be completely true! You name a season and I instantly relate it to food. If I think of a person - any person - I can connect them with a food story. Perhaps I am a bit obsessed with food, however, I believe it's my special way of holding onto the memory of that individual and never forgetting how truly important they were (or still are) to me. With all of this said, I must not finish today's blog without letting you know what my favorite season is.

If you know me, then you know that my favorite color is orange and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. If you have ever had the opportunity to come by my home during Autumn, you will no doubt have seen that our decorations rank right up there with Christmas - minus the outdoor lighting. I come alive when the thermometer starts to go down and that cool, crisp, familiar breeze forces the trees to release those amazing colors of amber, tawny brown and those lovely hues of my favorite orange. My mind races to pots of hot soup bubbling, scents of sweet vanilla and cinnamon permeating the kitchen. The smell of pot roast that has been in a crock pot all day and the power of its scent when you walk in the door from a long day at work. The feel of those warm slippers and the security of those down feather comforters that force you to stay under the covers just a little longer. The glow of scented candles and crackling fires. The giddy feeling you get when you see a pile of leaves raked up just begging you to "jump in!" and forget your an adult now. The dogs curled up by the couch enjoying the still moment. The apples at the farmer's markets that secretly scream at you to come taste there crispy texture and ponder over all the sweet recipes you can make with them. The children in their costumes running from door-to-door to get their next sweet treat. The blood oranges on my husband's tree out back that turn that lovely hue that says "It's time! Pick me!" The annual trips to the pumpkin patch to find that perfect one for carving and that perfect one for baking and that perfect one that will adorn the Thanksgiving table. The smell of the turkey sizzling in the vat of hot oil. Sitting at a long table of food and taking in the moment - the moment that all these people sitting with you are really, truly blessings and gifts that God has hand-picked just for you. The Fall picnics and the tailgating. The bubbling macaroni and cheese that just oozes comfort from the oven. The fall pies that cool on the racks on the kitchen counters. The mums in all of the shades of Fall, that come back year-after-year to remind you that this season is here again, and it's only here for a short time! So enjoy the walks, and enjoy the smells, and enjoy the tastes. Listen to the sounds and cozy up to the ones who bring you joy and remember that "change" is good, it brings new life. Whether you're Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, or an equal lover of all, embrace it for all that it is and you will find that change is a gift that allows you to start anew. I'm jus' sayin!