Monday, August 24, 2009


So after tossing all night trying to think how I am actually going to start this whole endeavor of loosing 30 pounds and write a cookbook all in one year.........The word accountability kept popping up in my head like a crazed alter ego of sorts trying to wrestle with my other soul breaking personalities like "Ms. Gut check"-and the ever loving "Diva of Denial. " Is it possible that writing this all down for anyone as well as all my paternal peeps is a form of keeping me on track? Which brings me to that sign I see occasionally when they are building in town on a new highway it says "on track" and "on budget" So is it entirely impossible to spend a year writing a cookbook of all the comforts of your childhood, testing recipes and making them over and over for photo shots AND loose weight? I guess maybe if you were writing a meatless/sugarless/fatless (is that a word?) kind of cookbook. No offence to all those darling chefs out there who claim you can have a life and enjoy good food one string bean at a time. I am a pirate of good food, I am willing to sail seven seas to taste something new. Well I guess that is a bit exaggerated but I will take what my kids have always called "Mom field trips" at any opportunity and I am willing to try anything. ( well mostly food related but you know what I'm saying) So perhaps accountability is just a word that defines how you keep your self on track. Maybe I need to sit down with all of these "personalities" and work on a team plan. I am sure they will all have a part in this. How is a very good question. So as I get ready to push send on this blog I realize the first thing I need to do today is WALK WALK WALK! walking will help clear the brain right? then it's time to put ALL those recipes I have already started out in a pile and sort them, of course sort will probably require a whole other blog. But no worries is that not what the accountability thing is all about? I'm just saying!

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