Monday, January 18, 2010

7 Layers of ¡Olé!

Seven Layer Dip - Funny thing about this is that I've eaten this at many parties and have always loved it, but for some weird, cosmic reason, I've never actually made it. Maybe I'm always too busy making other tapas instead of layering cans and containers of items to create a walking "taco". For what it's worth, I needed a dish in a hurry for a church event that I regularly cook for and this popped up on my google radar when I was looking for a dip to feed a crowd with. My daughter, of course, wanted her own individual bowl to feast on and since this is one of those recipes you can move and fudge around with, I found no problem accommodating her. In fact, she thought this mini, walking taco was pretty slammin! This recipe is so easy to follow that including step-by-step "how-to" photos could be considered insulting! That being said, I promise that if you feel like your missing a layer, don't worry! Simply add another right on top of the last layer and no one will know the difference. After being distracted by my pre-teen daughter sharing her day's events, I forgot a layer (salsa) but quickly added it to the border of the large dish. Disaster averted! For my version, I also substituted ground turkey for the ground beef. So my conclusion: when you need an easy, quick and tasty dish to feed both a crowd - and a hungry kid - remember this party favorite and you too will walk away shouting ¡Olé! C'mon, I'm jus' sayin'!

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