Monday, August 31, 2009

Vote of Confidence

Today while at work - yes, I do have to help pay those grocery bills for all the crazy food ideas I get - I was asked what kind of book I was writing and why. After giving a brief rundown of my reasons, my co-worker asked if I was interested in going on the next Food Network Star TV show or another show like it. So here is my theory on this - and of course, this is just my own humble opinion...

My whole life I have been cooking for the people I love. When I first started with my Easy Bake Oven, it was for my Mom and Daddy (biggest fans, of course). Then it was for my 2 brothers who, bless there hearts, never, ever turned down my food (or critiqued it). They were just happy to get more food, since they were growing boys. As a teen, my Mom quickly saw my talent in the kitchen and put me to work cooking for the family, and why not? She was tired of doing it and I loved it. A classic "Win-Win", right? I soon realized I could win the hearts of my dates by cooking their favorites. I have cooked for seniors who just needed a friendly ear to listen to them and homeless who just needed a meal to fill their stomachs. I've cooked for weddings and funerals, for friends when they were sick and friends when they were celebrating. I have put on my fair share of parties and have been hired to cater events, large and small. I have baked birthday cakes for family and a cake for my Daddy the night before he passed away. I have cooked for church potlucks and finicky little eaters. I have cooked for my best friend/love of my life and the children we love so dearly. I have made fancy dinners as well as chicken nuggets and fries. I made enough brown-bag lunches to compete with almost any mom. And through most every single, solitary meal that I've prepared, I've made it for someone who appreciated it and generally enjoyed it. So WHY, I ask, would I want to go up in front of a firing squad of professionals just so they can pick me apart and tell me that I may or may not have what the tv-watching nation wants to see, when I know in my heart that I already have what my family loves and appreciates.

My point in all this is not to sell yourself short. The next time you think that the meal you create is simply mediocre, ask yourself this - Who are you cooking for? Why are you cooking for them? And are they really complaining? I'd just bet you hands down that YOU are their star. - I'm just sayin!