Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finding your inner Zen

Yesterday I had the amazing pleasure (insert sarcasm where due) to sit no make that stand for 2 1/2 hours at our delightful local Department of public transportation. My wallet was lost/stolen a few days ago (I know very sad) so I am slowly and might I add a bit inpatient about getting my identity back. While there I kept going over in my head how much time I was wasting just standing instead of keeping myself on track to my cookbook/weight project. Now had I been a far more organized individual I would have had a bag with my binder of recipes and notes and label maker and would have made much better use of my time. However that is NOT me (oh how I wish it were) My whole life I have struggled with the nagging aspect of turning into a pack rat. My Mother was a pack rat and then I married a pack rat and now have managed to raise not one but two pack rats. How did this happen? (is it embedded in the gene pool) Trust me I ask myself this every morning as I get up and start my routine of picking and purging. To some being a pack rat is just another way of keeping treasures dear to your heart-for others and especially me I find it overwhelming and a train wreck to my thoughts. If my house is in chaos then I am in chaos and as I am spinning out of control I notice that the rest of the family is continuing to co-habitat as if nothing is wrong and with the mere thoughts of "there goes Mom again trying Not to be psycho" Yes you can ask each individual in my family what consumes the most time in my life and they will all probably have some rendition on how much time I take picking and purging.
Well as far as I know today I will not be standing in any God forsaken lines -I will start my walk-I will do my chores-I will have a bit more time (without pressure) to tackle organizing my over sized pantry which in return for all that hard work will bring me that inner sense of Zen that will hopefully produce a good chapter in my cookbook and the will power to keep my body active finding better things to do then napping-wait is napping not a form of finding your inner Zen? I'm just saying!

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