Saturday, January 4, 2014

12 Days of Meyers - Lemon Pizza

I'd like to introduce Katie, the first guest writer for this year's Twelve Days of Meyers posts, who writes the Slow Down And Savor blog. Although I've never met her in person, I feel like I know her very well as we have talked and traded many notes through our social media channels over the last year or so. Unfortunately, even the two times she came out to my house to pick up lemons I was at work and did not get to meet her. This sweet newlywed writes a powerful little blog where she continues to encourage readers to slow down and savor the good life. She took no time at all to jump at my offer to write a guest post and started testing recipes with the bag of Meyers I gave her. Enjoy her twist on the sweet and savory of these lemons and don't forget to check out all the other yummy dishes and write-ups that she puts her heart and passion into.

When I first received the bounty of Meyers, I had so many ideas. I knew I'd make more than just one recipe, but I didn't know how much I would end up doing with the little guys.  I couldn't help but dive right in and start using them for, well, everything! Including some of the best dang guacamole I've had. The lemons added something different, something incredible to this guacamole. The lemons some how brightened the already fresh dip, and brought out several different flavors. Basically, it was amazing.

I then scoured the internet, looking for different ways to jazz up my life with lemons, and discovered the lemon and lavender bath. The bath smelled SO good, and no joke, it was super relaxing. And guess what? I didn't get at all sticky! Win. However, the lavender looked kind of like a bunch of bugs, and since I just threw it in willy-nilly without a care in the world, draining my tub was something of a chore. So for those of you who want to indulge in a lemon-lavender bath, please beware and use a cheesecloth or other kind of device to hold your lavender together, or else, welcome to my nightmare.

Once I cleaned my tub free of lavender and lemon seeds, I was in the mood to bake. So bake I did. I whipped up a beautiful and delicious Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie from an Alton Brown recipe, and received one of the best compliments ever from the kiddo: "It looks so good and it tastes so good, I don't think that you made it. I think you bought it. I like your pies… but I feel like you didn't make that one because it's really good."

But I didn't stop there. After the guac, bath and pie, I moved on to a more savory situation with Meyer Lemon Chicken Piccata. What I love about using these Meyer's, is that you can use them for both sweet and savory dishes. So when I stumbled across a mouth-watering recipe for this chicken dish, I knew I had a winner. All I'd do is switch out the regular lemon juice for my Meyer lemon juice. I never made chicken piccata before. I've actually never even tasted chicken piccata before, so this was a first for everyone, but man it sounded really good. I love capers and lemony goodness, so it had to be good.

And it was. It wasn't even hard to make, which surprised the crap out of me. Something with such a fancy name sounds hard to make. But no. It wasn't. It was flavorful, and tart, and satisfied the palates of my hubby, the kiddo and me, which is always a winner in my book. Served with a side of corn and pasta, and you've got a healthy and delicious meal.

To add some zest to snack-time, I blended up a bowl of garlicky Meyer Lemon and Parsley hummus, and found a new go-to dip in that stuff. Whew, it was dang good, guys. Dang. Good.

Now, one may think that after using these lemons for practically everything, my family and I would be lemoned-out, but we weren't. Not at all. I even decided to use the rest of these beautiful yellow gems in a recipe I concocted all on my own; a recipe that I would be preparing for a big pot-luck style Christmas party. I had no idea how my idea would pan out, but I knew it would at least be interesting.

My idea came from my recipe for those goat cheese crostinis with Meyer lemon, olive and fig relish from last year. This time, I'd be making a flatbread pizza, using some of the same ingredients.

So here it is folks. Let me introduce:

 Slow Down & Savor's Meyer Lemon, Goat Cheese and Olive Flatbread Pizza. Exciting stuff, huh?

1 pre-packaged flatbread pizza crust
Olive Oil
Goat Cheese (4-6 oz)
Garlic-stuffed olives (or any olives you like), chopped
2 Meyer Lemons, washed, de-seeded and chopped, rind-on
red pepper flakes

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees F
Apply a thin layer of olive oil to the crust, and bake it for about 4 minutes.
Remove crust, and add your goat cheese. It's easiest to just crumble it over the crust and spread it around with your hands after.
Add the olives, lemons and red pepper flakes, and put back in oven for an additional 10 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown.
Remove, and let cool before cutting and serving.

This flatbread pizza was a hit. It was intriguing and interesting, tart and savory, salty and briny. Personally, I loved how the lemons brought out all the deliciousness from each of the ingredients, making the whole thing bright and exciting. It wasn't your average pizza, that's for sure. I'm glad I went out of the box, and tried something new.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to Kristina for providing me with an ingredient that took my family, friends and I on a real adventure.


  1. This is fabulous. I'll never again think of lemons, let alone Meyer Lemons, as something to zest, garnish or squeeze as an accent.

    1. Patti, I agree they should always be "stars" and never backstage flavors. Katie did a great job showcasing that above. Thanks for stopping by.