Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Reasons To Lift Your Glass And Say ¡Salud!

A delicious fiesta with Margaritas rimmed with Sal de Mar salt

Reason 1 
I have many hispanic friends who have opened up their homes and lives by sharing stories, recipes and their beautiful culture with me.

Reason 2 
I'm married to the "Tequila Tracker" who is also a rep for the incredible T1 Tequila.

Reason 3 
My good friend Lucinda Hutson's book "¡Viva Tequila!comes out in May and is a must read for anyone that enjoys tequila, cooking or the wonderful culture of Mexico.
Leave a comment below about your favorite tequila and I will do a random drawing for a free copy of this fabulous book on May 20, 2013.

Reason 4
My husband is an avid tequila collector with enough bottles to last many fiestas - which in turn may cause many siestas.

Reason 5 
It's taken me many years to get past my memories of bad tequila and educate myself into sipping true agave pleasure. 

If those are not reason enough to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, then I must need another sip to come up with more reasons and/or more shameless plugs. I'm jus' sayin'!

Soak Watermelon wedges in tequila-lime-agave. Skewer and Freeze.
Muddle fresh minced ginger and fresh blueberries in your favorite margarita recipe.
Mix freshly brewed Hibiscus tea with your favorite blanco and a splash of lime and agave syrup. 
Blood Orange Margarita
Anejo served neat with the essence of burnt orange peel on the rim
Margarita Gelato
Tequila Sunset
Avocado Margarita recipe courtesy of Notes From Maggies Farm
Take any flavor of the Republic Spirit Blends and pour straight into an ice cream machine for a delicious sorbet
How do you celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

Need more ideas as to what tequila is the best taste for you? Then check out these great sites that will give you plenty of information. And don't forget about the *GIVEAWAY*


  1. My favorite tequila is whatever my son-in-love serves me!

  2. So many delicious tequila cocktails to choose from here!
    I am a cheapskate so I usually get Hornitos silver (I think it's the best of the cheaper ones) but lately we've also been getting this one whose name escapes me, but it's 100% agave, squat round bottle, white label, black drawings of skulls and skeletons on it. I'll post again if I can come up with the name (we're all out right now) but it's good, I swear!

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  4. I haven't had tequila for 20 years, but your pictures sure make me want to have some. Miss you cuz

  5. We usually buy Jose Cuervo (humming - I like to drink you with a little salt & lime) but since Tequila is one of my all time favorites, I haven't met to many brands I didn't like! =)

  6. Beautiful looking cocktails! We love the Tequila Tracker and Lucinda! One comment: "Olé" is a Spanish refrain (as in, Spain) and doesn't have anything to do with Mexico. Salud!

  7. Thank you Experience Tequila for stopping by and pointing out the "ole" It's been noted and changed. Salud!

  8. That pink grapefruit margarita looks terrific! Speaking of cocktails, we need to meet up for a drink/happy hour somewhere outdoors before the weather gets too darn hot. Or I'd settle for catching up over lunch but cocktails are always more fun :-)

    1. Yes Shelley we do. Send me time and place and it's a date. :)

  9. That margarita gelato looks heavenly! Great post!

  10. I like reposados for sipping and any top shelf tequila in my tummy can no longer handle anything less...does that make me a tequila expert? ;)

  11. As always, your pictures are gorgeous! I guess I would have to say my favorite tequila is T1! ;)

  12. I would like to order one of EVERYthing, please!

    I'm a cheap one--- I drink 1886.

  13. I don't know much about tequila at all, but I'm a fan of Lucinda Hutson's books (and her garden!). I can read and learn, right? I would love to win a copy!

  14. Oh my that photo of the avocado margarita is calling for me.

  15. would love to win signed copy of Lucinda Hutson's new book for my brother-in-law (Peter). He is such a huge fan and I am so happy to have been introduced to this wonderful world of tequila, great food and gardens!
    Thank you!

  16. And the winner is Shelly! Yeah! I will be contacting you as to when I can drop off or mail the book to you. Congratulations you are going to love this book. Thank you to everyone else who commented above and put your name in the drawing.