Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kitchen Therapy

First, I must say "Wow!" It's the first day of Fall, and I'm so blessed that it has come with the pitter-patter of rain. Here in Texas, it's been so very dry that we welcome any form of precipitation we can get. Rainy days make me think of baking and baking makes my mind wander to places that bring only comfort and peace. The last two months have been filled with the usual ups and downs, but they also brought with them the sad news of deaths in the family. I find a bit of comfort knowing that I can walk into my kitchen and let all that pain just melt away when I am cooking.

The kitchen is my therapist, and the food waiting to be transformed becomes my therapy. Of course, on the morning that followed my dog's passing I found it difficult to be as creative as I wanted - so I took a day off. But then, it suddenly occurred to me that taking a day off makes me sulk. Who wants to sulk when there are eggs to whip and sugar to melt and butter to beat into tasty goodness? My whole life, no matter what seems to be bothering me or making me happy at that moment, I have had security knowing that I can walk into a kitchen and release it all - as well as the added bliss that comes along with it.

Once the oven is turned off, you get two choices: indulge in the results of your work right there (which we all know I am trying hard to pass up), or give it away and bless others. When you hand something sweet or something comforting over to a friend, whether they need it or not, it gives such a sense of satisfaction that no words are needed - unless you consider "oooh's" and "ahh's" and "mmmm" words. I'm not trying to take any jobs away from licensed therapists, but hey, if you can find that "thing" that does it for you, then just jump right in because last time I checked, baking cookies was a lot cheaper than therapy - I'm jus' sayin'

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