Friday, October 9, 2009

Girlpower vs. Foodpower

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend. The type of friend that you go to for common sense when your feeling down. The one you call for encouragement. And the one that will always "show you the light" when your walking through the shadows of that long hallway you call life. But the tables were somehow turned this day. She was in a funk! I know! I was thinking the same thing - "How dare her!" She is supposed to be the one that I run to. Selfish pride put aside, it was my time to listen. Funny thing is that when we were done chatting, I still felt blessed and encouraged by her lovely ways.

I just love that about good sister friends. They always come through, like a ray of sunshine pushing through those clouds that insist on covering the sun. I love how we circle ourselves with just the perfect girlfriends. I distinctly know which one I can call on for whatever I am going through. Just like girlfriends, I have that same ability with food. Now, I'm not saying I am so obsessed with food that I call on it when I am depressed - well OK, maybe in a sense I do.

When I am feeling blue, I can make something warm from the oven that takes me back to happier times as a child. When I am frustrated with a situation, I can take a recipe that looks complicated, yet, when followed correctly, will produce exactly what it says it will. When I am feeling under the weather, I know that a bowl of tortilla soup will perk me up. When I feel like I have put on a few (ahem!) extra pounds, I know that I don't have to settle for a plain tossed salad as there are so many healthy low-cal versions that are delicious too. And lastly, when I am needing comfort from a hectic day, I know that my dear husband's simple omelets show love in a way that only the two of us know. Don't get me wrong, a delicious meal NEVER takes the place of a dear friend, but... isn't it nice to know you can call on your taste buds too? I'm jus' sayin'


  1. I understand this particular entry COMPLETELY! :) My comfort food is home-baked chocolate chip cookies. :)

    BTW, thanks for everything! xoxo

  2. mmm I love chocolate chip cookies too especially the smell the make when baking. BTW-Your welcome.